Telling the untold stories.
The Historic RAF Duxford airfield and museum tells the stories of aviation history, and of the people who lived, worked and served through the decades. Working closely with True North, the ‘United Through’ campaign was created to celebrate the magnificent tales of love, friendship, bravery, duty and courage that took place throughout the generations.
Building on tales told.
The ‘United Through’ campaign was a massive success, and thanks to this IWM Duxford continued it's use throughout the next year. To ensure new and old visitors alike would stay engaged with the Museum, I worked as part of the team at True North, developing the campaign, evolving it's assets, and building on the tales that are told.
A campaign through the ages.
Thanks to the development of ‘United Through’, IWM Duxford has seen a continued rise in visitor numbers since it's opening. This has allowed them to build on, and grow the American Air Museum brand. The campaign has become somewhat of an identity for the museum, and continues to develop alongside it. Through their hard work and determination, we ensured the human tales of love, friendship, bravery, duty and courage will continue to be heard.
The never-ending tales.
IWM continue to work with True North on further campaigns such as HMS Belfast. The ‘United Through’ campaign was rolled out across a variety of print and digital media. Despite tough budgets we showed creativity and hard work is enough provide engaging and emotionally connecting campaigns that stand the test of time. 

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